Friday, 7 August 2009

A is for ...

A is for ...

ABC - Led by Martin Fry, this group gave us some typical 1980s music, gold lame suits and the 'Lexicon of Love'

Three great ABC songs to listen to on Spotify:

Acid House
- The Second Summer of Love dawned in the late 80s as clubbers swapped their designer labels for T - shirts, gathered in a field, surrounded by a heaving mass, all screaming 'Aceeeed!'

The Sun newspaper effectively declared the end of the world as we know it while the youth of the nation danced until dawn. Police raids, growing up, and the dreary weather of Autumn did what the Sun couldn't do, and pulled the plug on the sound systems.

A - Ha Norwegian pop rock, voted 'Best band of 1986' by Smash Hits and No 1 readers, and the lead singer, Morten Harket, was voted the most 'Fanciable male' and 'Sex God' of the year. He sported a ridiculous "Mullet" haircut (more of this most unfathomable of fashions to come, a recurring theme (embarrassing nightmare?) of the 1980s)

For our female readers, here's a pic. of Morten and the boys:

A-Ha never quite became the force in 1980s music that they once promised, their biggest hit being 'Take on Me'. Listen to it here, on Spotify, if you must:

Take on Me, A Ha


  1. Oh yeah - I remember one of their videos when it was a drawing or something and then real life or was it the otherway round.

  2. Yes - it was 'Take on Me'. A girl reading a 'Jackie' style comic gets beckoned into the comic strip by a pencil drawing of Morten. It was probably the height of sophistication and the pinnacle of special effects all those years ago!

    You can watch a copy of the video here: